Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just what IS a "Jegging"?

Jegging - [JEG-ing] - Fashion slang for "a cross between a jean and a legging". As seen on celebs and on the red carpet. The hot new trend for Fall 2010.

Well, here at Sugar we'd just like to call them "denim leggings". Let's introduce you again to Mrs. Lola, the hot new style from !iT Jeans that just arrived in the shop this week. Sure, it's still 90 degrees outside so we won't start wearing them anytime soon, but just be sure to snatch up this Fall staple before they are gone!
Lola - [LOH-la] - Watch out, this mid-rise ultra skinny makes heads turn. It's the new look for the modern trend setter.

Made from 64% Cotton, 32% Polyester, and 4% Elastane , we've already had customers try them on and rave about how comfy they are. Sure, they have a front zipper and button but the super stretchy waist truly feels like you have on a pair of leggings, and THAT we are loving! We're not all skinny minnies around here either and can testify that even a true 6,8, or 10 can wear this skinny style as long as you are proportioned correctly. Here's what we mean...

While some of us can't wear this style with a short sweater and heels like Heidi Montag

[and for the ones who can, kudos to you!]...

why not try it with a longer top, accessories to draw attention to your face and then tall boots?

The tall boots really make it look more proportioned with your hips and actually create a slimming affect to your legs. Imagine that? Skinny jeans that REALLY make you look skinny!

Trust us, it's worth a shot to come in and give this trend a try.

what about with a long sweater and booties?

here's just a few of the many celebs who loves their "jeggings"...

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